Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 194, September 12, 2010

Back to Back to School Week. To the man or woman in charge:

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  1. Love this page. I have been doing a vanity license plate thing in Columbus Ohio since roughly the same time you have been, but I have been posting them to Facebook instead. Maybe there was an asteroid or something that awakened some long dormant gene in both of us to take pictures of plates at the same time... or not.

    I find that if I say that I am "cataloging" them people don't give me as weird looks. How many plates do you have total? I take probably thirty pictures a week and a lot of my friends send me theirs as well, so i upload around 90 a week or so. I have just under 1500 total. I thought that maybe Ohioans were the most vane and ridiculous, but your plate pictures make me think that it might be everywhere.

    Sorry to assault you with paragraphs! I am just happy that it's more than one of us!

    If you wanted to be Facebook friends or just secretly stalk me my name is Logan Meyer and my profile picture is the monster truck jumping over a skull... which I found on the back of a car while driving. I also take pictures of ridiculous things on cars so my collection is a little unwieldy.

    Keep up the good work!