Monday, March 22, 2010

Theme Week!

I happen to live very close to a major concert venue. So close that I can sometimes hear the concerts from my backyard, and also so close that I pretty much have to plan to stay home or stay out for the duration of any concert because traffic near it will be a total clusterfuck. Every year, I make damn sure to be prepared for one concert in particular, because it comes round every year without fail and it has an insanely devoted fan base. That concert? Jimmy Buffett. This week's theme?


If you're not familiar, parrotheads are what serious Jimmy Buffett fans call themselves. And I mean serious, because Virginia has a parrothead license plate design and I see it everywhere. For more info on parrotheads, you can visit their fan portal at, just to confirm that I'm not making this shit up. Otherwise, let the games begin!

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